Support Vermont's School Choice System

The 150-year-old tradition of “tuitioning” to independent schools (school choice) for Vermont communities unserved by public schools is under threat from legislative leaders who are campaigning on promises scrap the system. School choice in Vermont currently serves 5,700 students directly, and benefits over 8,000 students in over 120 independent schools. Through Vermont’s tuitioning system, internationally renowned schools such as St. Johnsbury Academy and Burr and Burton Academy have become available to families of all income levels instead of just those with the resources to support private school tuition.

Please join us in opposing legislative efforts to take this program away from families who currently have the ability to choose the right educational environment for their kids. This is an equity issue. This is a students’ rights issue. And this is a parent’s rights issue.

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I call on the legislature to support maintaining the 150 year tradition of school choice in Vermont. It is a valuable resource to Vermont's most disadvantaged students and must be protected. I urge you to not pass any legislation restricting access to public tuitioning dollars for students in choice towns.

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